The Adjoin Fund would like to mount the following projects within the next few years:

  1. Continue its grants program to CPS elementary schools. We view teachers as our allies on the front lines. The school professionals are trained to identify boys who need reading remediation and determine what activities are most effective for them.The Adjoin Fund’s goal is to provide resources for in-school and after-school activities for boys that would not be available without a grant from us.
  1. Produce a five to seven minute video on how reading is important for African American men to get their jobs.The video will be given to all pubic schools in Chicago that have African American male students in the Fund’s targeted age range. The Fund’s goal is to link reading with work in our society.
  1. Hire reading companions to read with African American boys in grades six through eight. It is generally assumed that only younger children enjoy being read to. Quite the contrary. Most people enjoy being read to when the material is something they enjoy or something they want to learn more about. The goals of the reading companions are to make words and reading interesting, to break down barriers that create a fear of reading, and ultimately to help the boys in our cohort become more competent readers.