The Adjoin Fund is a community-based organization that was founded in 2014. What began as a conversation among three people has grown to more than 300 people who have joined together and is expanding. The sole purpose of the Fund is to help African American boys, grades six to eight, become more competent readers.

At the very first conversation, the organization originators promised that The Adjoin Fund would always follow words with action. It is not uncommon for fledgling nonprofit organizations to spend their first years building organizational infrastructure and discussing how its programs should be mounted. The Adjoin Fund spent its first months attending to all legal requirements, discussing the issue of African American male illiteracy with teachers, researchers, reading specialists and others, and raising resources among primarily community folk of modest means. The goal was to “hit the ground” quickly to support African American boys in becoming stronger readers.

We at The Adjoin Fund learned a lot about the profound crisis in reading that is impacting African American boys across the country. We also understand the incredible barriers facing our educational system and view public school teachers as our allies. Therefore, the first endeavor of The Adjoin Fund was to fund three Chicago Public Schools that submitted proposals stating activities they would undertake to help African American boys, grades six through eight, in their schools to become more competent readers.

So, in one year, everyday, ordinary citizens, wanting to be part of the solution of helping African American boys become more literate, raised money, gave it away to schools, and project that 50 to 90 boys will be served by the organization’s efforts.

Your donation to The Adjoin Fund can be an invaluable gift to a child. Donate today!

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